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Shane McCamish

Mind Body Movement Perth offers Feldenkrais somatic education lessons for children and adults.

Lessons use safe, gentle movements, performed in such a way that allows the central nervous system to recognise new possibilities of action. Literally, you widen the range of possible responses to the world. The process of responding to the world requires thought, emotion, sensing and movement. Expanding the range of action that is possible, by default increases the cognitive, sensory and emotional possibilities as well. These lessons  prompt development and improvement at a very core level, and can have many surprising, beneficial and profound outcomes for people with a wide variety of challenges and goals.

Shane's first contact with the Feldenkrais Method was in the mid 90's. Suffering from low back pain, he sought "treatment" from a physiotherapist who had a " new way of treating people".  That first lesson produced such a positive but curious effect, he participated in further lessons. With an interest in martial arts and the personal development that is associated with it, he soon realised the more profound implications for improving human capacity that the Feldenkrais Method offered. He became intrigued enough to enroll in the first Perth professional training for Feldenkrais practitioners and qualified in 1999.  By profession Shane works as a Dental Prosthetist, operating his own business in that sector since 1995.

Since 2014, witnessing and helping a family member with developmental struggles has re directed his inquiry and study of the method and deepened his understanding of how the method can be applied to helping children, and families. This inspired him to make this under utilised and misunderstood method more widely available.  Any one who is capable of some voluntary movement, has the neurological apparatus needed, to gain improvement from these lessons. If improvement for yourself or loved one is important, then the Feldenkrais Method may be of value to you.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Functional Integration is a one on one lesson. Lessons consist of the practitioner gently but precisely moving the student. Most but not all lessons are done lying or sitting on a low table. Students remain fully clothed at all times.


Video consultations can be discussions on the method and how it may be of help to you or a loved one, or awareness through movement lessons.


Awareness through movement lessons are where verbal instructions from the teacher are followed by the student. This allows large groups of people to participate in the same lesson.


Half day or full day experiential seminars that provide participants with tools to manage stress, attain goals and increase efficiency in harmony with their physiology.


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